About The Evanston Vineyard

We are a multi-cultural and multi-generational Christian church serving northern Chicago and the northshore suburbs for more than 35 years.

At the Evanston Vineyard we’re simply about what we’ve come to know as the life-changing power of God’s mercy and truth. We try to foster acceptance and friendship to create a relaxed atmosphere that is welcoming and understandable to anyone. Our hope is that, whatever your religious background (or lack- thereof), you’ll enjoy your time with us and experience some of God’s life-changing power during our worship service.

We started the Vineyard as a place for people who didn't fit into other churches; A church where you would be welcomed no matter what place your relationship with Jesus is at.

We've worked hard to make our church a place where you can be completely transparent. Where you won't hear fear or guilt-based messages. A place you can call home.

At the Vineyard, we believe the Holy Spirit is active, alive and moving in our culture. We believe that the living presence of Jesus is the most important thing we have to offer.

Some Highlights of Our Church

• A wide range of age groups (half of our adults are under the age of 35)
• A wide range of racial and ethnic diversity (We have no ethnic majority and over 50% of us are people of color)
• A meeting that lasts 90 minutes
• Contemporary worship with a few traditional and gospel hymns mixed in
• Worship lasting 40 minutes, including a time for the Lord's Supper (communion) every week
Practical teaching from the Bible
Nursery and toddler care
Children's church for grade school children