About The Evanston Vineyard

We are a multi-cultural and multi-generational Christian church serving northern Chicago and the northshore suburbs for more than 35 years.

At the Evanston Vineyard we’re simply about what we’ve come to know as the life-changing power of God’s mercy and truth. We try to foster acceptance and friendship to create a relaxed atmosphere that is welcoming and understandable to anyone. Our hope is that, whatever your religious background (or lack- thereof), you’ll enjoy your time with us and experience some of God’s life-changing power during our worship service.

We started the Vineyard as a place for people who didn't fit into other churches; A church where you would be welcomed no matter what place your relationship with Jesus is at.

We've worked hard to make our church a place where you can be completely transparent. Where you won't hear fear or guilt-based messages. A place you can call home.

At the Vineyard, we believe th